Winners of The Beacon’s 5th annual ‘Best of the Best’ awards on Sept. 25

By John Schaffner
The Beacon

The Beacon’s 5th Annual “Best of the Best” event held on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the Camp Perry Conference Center, was spectacular!

In attendance were 360 guest honoring the Best of the Best winners for 2018.

Best of the Best


Congratulations to our winners.

Best of the Best 2018 Winners

Best Burger

  1. Slater’ s Madison Street Pub
  2. JTs Catawba Cafe
  3. Twin Oast

Best Pizza

  1. Bell Mell’s
  2. Sloopy’s
  3. Cameo (Crosswinds)

Local Treat

  1. Toft’s
  2. Brown Dairy Dock
  3. Dairy on the Dock

Best Coffee

  1. Coffee Express
  2. Friendship
  3. JT’s Catawba Café

Best Breakfast

  1. Ala Carte Cafe
  2. JT’s Catawba Cafe
  3. The Galley

Best Bartender

  1. Molly Rosiar (Jamestown)
  2. Kylah Buckley (Catawba Inn)
  3. Teddy Wybensiger (The Orchard)

Best Overall Bar

  1. Jamestown Tavern
  2. Bell Mell’s
  3. Bait House
  4. 3. Twin Oast

Best Overall Restaurant

  1. Nagoya
  2. Ciao Bella
  3. The Orchard

Specialty retail shop

  1. Lake House
  2. Madame Rosie’s
  3. Northern Exposure

Area lodging

  1. Holiday Inn Express
  2. Redfern Inn
  3. Our Guest Inn

Real estate agent

  1. Alex Morgan Johnson
  2. Steve Pitzer
  3. James Knight

Insurance agent

  1. Trish McCartney
  2. Matt Montowski
  3. Steve Gulus

Landscape and/or greenhouse

  1. Barnes Nursery
  2. TNT
  3. Bergman’s

Boat service and/or dealer

  1. Brands Marina
  2. Dubberts
  3. Harborside  Boat Sales

Auto service and/or dealer

  1. Baumann
  2. R & R Auto
  3. Muffler Smith’s

Hair salon

  1. Salon 53
  2. Hair Quarters
  3. Evolved

Home services or maintenance

  1. Bayside Comfort Inc.
  2. Starcher Enterprises Inc.
  3. Dave Homsey

Pet services

  1. Catawba Veterinary
  2. Treva’s Pet Boutique
  3. Harborview Animal Hospital

Spa and/or wellness services

  1. Salon 53
  2. House of Healing
  3. Marblehead Soap Co.

Business with the best customer service

  1. Friendship
  2. JT’s Catawba Cafe
  3. Bassett’s

Bank and/or financial services

  1. Huntington Bank
  2. Marblehead Bank
  3. Croghan Colonial

Best new business

  1. Twin Oast
  2. Jed’s
  3. Rosie’s Boutique

Best non-profit

  1. Bistro 163
  2. Salvation Army
  3. Portage Resale Shop

Most community minded individual

  1. Kenn Bower Jr.
  2. Mike Snider
  3. Rose Lucas Haninger

Live music venue

  1. Bait House
  2. Listening Room
  3. Jamestown

Best Band

  1. The Junk
  2. Corduroy Road
  3. Miss Kitty and the Litter

Best local artist

  1. Matt Goodrich
  2. Rose Lucas Haninger
  3. Bailey VanKirk

Best festival or event

  1. Walleye Festival
  2. Halupki Festival
  3. Apple Festival

Water attraction and /or beach

  1. East Harbor State Park
  2. Monsoon Lagoon
  3. Bay Point

Best campground

  1. East Harbor State Park
  2. Cedar Lanes
  3. Tall Timbers

Tackle and/or fish cleaning and/or bait store

  1. Bay’s Edge
  2. Rickard’s
  3. Hi-Way Bait

Best marina

  1. Brand’s Marina
  2. Midway Marina
  3. Bay Point

Best charter services

  1. Pooh Bear
  2. Sassy Sals
  3. Tibbles

Best winery

  1. Mon Ami
  2. Rocky Point
  3. Heineman (PIB)

Historical attraction and /or park

  1. Marblehead Lighthouse
  2. Port Clinton Lighthouse
  3. Perry’s Monument


The “Best of the Best” contest asked readers of The Beacon to judge the top businesses and business professionals in Ottawa County. There are 35 categories that range from food and drink, general business excellence, entertainment and summer resort businesses.

The contest became popular the moment it was introduced in 2014. The official voting took place online at The Beacon’s website www.thebeacon.net. Voting forms published in the paper for several weeks prior to the voting deadline, which was Sept. 7, were also accepted.

The Beacon, a free community newspaper based in Port Clinton, has positively served Ottawa County communities from Oak Harbor to Marblehead and Catawba Point for over 35 years. The Beacon is independently audited, and boasts more than 20,000 readers each week and over 25,000 readers from May to October.