Human Capital

What the…a Strategic Staffing Plan?

By: Steven J Krisfalusy, Mentor – Coach – Consultant Beringer Group, LLC

Although you may have never heard of this type of business plan or even tried to create one, the big boys like Google, Amazon and ZAPOS have been using theirs for years now. Extremely successful! It is time to mimic what others do well.

Having a strategic staffing plan is business critical now more than ever. What is a strategic staffing plan? It is similar in concept to a business plan in that it should be a detailed & tested plan to achieve certain staffing goals, w/ specific time tables. Developing profiles and the various ways you will secure the talent in a timely fashion should be segments of your plan. This must be well thought out and common sense tested before implementing and every 6 months. This is the best way to control the end result.

Beyond that the staffing norm today appears to be more reactive in nature, especially in the small to mid-range business markets. The tactic basically is to post a job on line and hope. In a few cases this strategy does work but that heavily depends on the quality & skill levels you seek plus the time table.

The human resources aspect of a business is often its largest asset. This substantial investment of people requires an equally significant approach to better manage and staff it. Having a strategic plan for your staffing needs allows you to better organize, control and account for demands in personnel while keeping organizational goals and vision in the forefront.

Managing & sustaining your existing staff is one key aspect. The other, is to become more proactive, creative & innovative earlier on in the process. Timing is the X factor. The best business plans mean little if you are unable to fulfill the Human Capital aspects.

A real time example: A Logistics/Trucking Company: This Company is literally turning down customers and business because it does not have enough drivers. They have the vehicles, 200 trucks are just sitting there, but without the right amount of Human Capital, the business strategy is stagnant. Do you think customers will wait for you to staff up?

There is no simple solution to the staffing crisis and I believe it will get worse before it gets better. Some industries are just starting to feel the pinch.

At the same time, I guarantee you that by investing the time to create a Strategic Staffing Plan, you automatically increase your odds of success plus save time & money. Creating this strategy is much more complex than most realize. At the same time, if it increases your odds of sustaining or growing your business, how can you afford not to? Some folks may need some help initially to get this drafted but can then administrate easily in house.

Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask for help if needed. Good luck with your staffing!

Steven J. Krisfalusy is a serial entrepreneur who has decades of expertise in Business Growth, O.D. and People Development in a vast array of Industries, especially the small- to mid-range markets. Currently the Managing Partner / Sr. Consultant of the Beringer Group LLC. A People & Business Coaching -Consulting firm in the Midwest. 440-552-6599 or