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Terra extends Workforce Demand Scholarship deadline 2018 grads have until June to apply

Submitted by TERRA STATE
FREMONT – Terra State Community College has extended the deadline for 2018 high school graduates to apply for the Workforce Demand Scholarship to June 15. Terra State is offering 2018 high school graduates the opportunity to attend class tuition- free if they are pursuing a career in a high-demand job field through the Workforce Demand Scholarship program. In addition to an education, students will also gain a guaranteed work-based experience.

Terra State will provide up to an associate’s degree tuition-free to 2018 high school graduates. The Workforce Demand Scholarship is available to students majoring in these academic programs:
• Computer Systems
• Digital Media Technology
• Electrical
• Health Information Technology
• Management (Business, Agribusiness and Hospitality)
• Manufacturing Engineering
• Music Technology
• Office Administration
• Robotics-Integrated Manufacturing Technology
• Welding

“The majority of jobs need or will need a post-high school education,” said Heath Martin, Terra State’s Assistant Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services. “The Workforce Demand Scholarship is a vehicle that will allow 2018 high school graduates to take advantage of getting an Associate’s Degree tuition-free.”

The Workforce Demand Scholarship will pay the gap between the cost of tuition and general fees and state and federal grants received by the student. “For example,” Martin says, “At Terra State, the total cost of tuition and general fees for the fall and spring semesters is $4,926. If a student receives a Pell grant in the amount of $2000, your scholarship is the difference in the amount and would be $2296. However, books and other fees are not covered by the scholarship.”

To qualify, a student must be enrolled full-time (twelve or more credit hours) for the fall and spring semesters and part-time (six or more credit hours) for the summer semester. Students who are awarded the Workforce Demand Scholarship will be provided the opportunity to participate in a work-based experience with an employer in Terra State’s service area.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must:
• Graduate from high school in 2018
• Complete the Scholarship Application by June 15, 2018 at Scholarshipapplication.html
• Complete the free Federal Application for Federal Student Aid by June 15, 2018 at http:// FinancialAid.html
• Develop an academic plan, sign a participation contract and register for classes by June 15, 2018

“A recipient of the Workforce Demand Scholarship will need to enroll full-time at Terra State and attend consecutive fall and spring terms,” said Martin. “Students will have to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and have a course completion rate of 68%. Students also have the option of enrolling in summer school.”

Recipients will lose all benefits if they stop taking classes and resume at a later date.

For information on the Workforce Demand Scholarship, call 419-559-2349 or email admissions@