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Sandusky County announces public health plan

Sandusky County Public Health

FREMONT – What is the Sandusky County CHIP? It is more than an acronym. It is a multi-agency Community Health Improvement Plan and serves as a guide to address health disparities in Sandusky County. It is a joint effort of government agencies, health care providers, non-profits and schools; a document focused on three priority areas with measures for success.

The Community Health Improvement Plan was the next step in a process that started with the Sandusky County Community Health Assessment completed in 2020. The three priority areas identified by the CHIP address health disparities and move the community closer to the vision of a healthy Sandusky County. The three focus areas are:

Mental health and addiction, including adult and youth alcohol use, drug use, depression and suicide

Chronic disease, including adult, youth and child obesity and tobacco/nicotine use

Maternal and infant health, including infant mortality

“The Community Health Improvement Plan provides a comprehensive work plan for public health and its partners and stakeholders to dig in and eliminate health disparities in our community,” said Bethany Brown, Sandusky County Health Commissioner. “The work to complete this project has been undertaken by many partners, each of whom has a vested interest in the healthcare needs of our community.”

The CHIP will be implemented over a three-year period from 2021 through 2023. An annual report to stakeholders and the community on the CHIP’s progress will be provided by the Sandusky County Health Partners; it will be revised as needed. Updates will be shared on

Access information about the Sandusky County Public Health Department and the Community Health Improvement Plan, visit: Follow the Health Department on Facebook: Sandusky County Public Health.