Ottawa County

Radiant Windows celebrates 20 years; New warehouse offers shared space for additional businesses

Ottawa County Improvement Corp.

The new building is 12,000 sqft. Radiant Windows will utilize 8,000 sqft leaving 4,000 sqft available to small businesses.

The team at Radiant Windows didn’t let the rain dampen its 20th anniversary celebration and ribbon cutting on Friday, Oct. 15. Radiant Windows held a ribbon cutting to celebrate a new warehouse.

“We wanted to have the celebration during the month of October because it signifies our 20th year anniversary since the founding of our company back on Oct. 2, 2001,” said Mike Shadoan, owner of Radiant Windows & Remodeling. “The building is 12,000 square feet and we are utilizing 8,000 square feet for Radiant Windows and Remodeling.”

The remaining 4,000 square feet will be used for new or existing local businesses to lease or purchase.

“This could be for one business needing 4,000 square feet or it could be four businesses needing 1,000 square feet,” said Shadoan. “The building was built with a lot of versatility as we try to plan ahead for future businesses coming in. We are trying to encourage businesses back into the village limits to help with tax revenues, and growth and sustainability of the community.”

But the building is not 100% complete yet.

Mike & Shawna Shadoan received a commendation from Mayor Quinton Babcock in celebration of 20 Years in business.

“For our side of the building, we’re going to add in a cafeteria area, a meeting room and maybe even a workout facility for our team,” said Shadoan. “This building was designed to be 12 individual bays so things can evolve over time, we could sub-divide this building 12 different times, which means we could have up to 12 different businesses in here.”

Shadoan also spoke about funding and development for the riverfront along the Portage River in downtown Oak Harbor.

“We’re working really hard with Village Administrator Randy Genzman and Mayor Quinton Babcock to obtain grant funding to continue to improve the riverfront,” said Shadoan. “Hopefully we can do a boardwalk, an amphitheater, a shelter house, and maybe add in more docks for boaters.”

One of the buildings located along the riverfront is the old Gordon Lumber building.

“We’d love to see the building undertake a renovation, but we can’t renovate it just yet because, well, we’re still in there,” said Shadoan. “This was a motivating factor to move our business from the Gordon Lumber building to this new building.”

“The long days and nights Mike and Shawna have put in over the years to make Radiant Windows & Remodeling a successful and growing business that creates jobs here in Ottawa County is very much appreciated,” said Chris Singerling, director of the Ottawa County Improvement Corp. “Small businesses like yours are the backbone of communities like ours.”

“Owning a business has it’s challenges; there are a lot of ups and downs. What Mike and Shawna have been doing, for as long as they have, is truly amazing,” said Don Douglas, Ottawa County Commissioner.

“We first began back when our warehouse and office were at our house on Schiller Road,” said Shawna Shadoan, chief financial officer. “Now fast forward 20 years, we’re doing a ribbon cutting to celebrate our brand new warehouse. We are very excited to continue to grow and serve our community.”

You can find Radiant Windows’ new location at 712 N. Locust St., just north of downtown Oak Harbor on Ohio 19.