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Ohio employers receive $695,000 in workplace safety grants

Submitted by OHIO BWC

COLUMBUS – Thirty Ohio employers will share $695,144 in grants from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to purchase equipment designed to substantially reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

“The safety grant program helps employers purchase equipment that not only protects workers from injury but in many cases also improves processes and productivity, and reduce workers’ compensation costs,” said Dr. Abe Al-Tarawneh, superintendent of BWC’s division of safety and hygiene. “Astute employers take proactive steps to keep their workers healthy and their business prospering.”

The recipient employers operate in 27 Ohio counties. Locally, Sandusky County’s Reino Linen Service was awarded $17,843.25 to purchase one high-speed cart dumper to reduce the risk of injury to fingers, hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, neck, back and legs related to repetitive motion, hand force, awkward postures, push/pull and manual materials handling. The intervention will improve the laundering process. Reino Linen Service Inc. is a healthcare linen provider.

The Safety Intervention Grant program matches an employer’s investment 3-to-1 up to a maximum of $40,000. Quarterly data reports and follow-up case studies measure the effectiveness of employers’ safety interventions and establish best practices for accident and injury prevention. Learn more about the Safety Intervention Grant Program at

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