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OCCF Awards Scholarships to Local Students

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Each year, the Ottawa County Community Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors from Ottawa County’s six high schools. This year, Ottawa County students received over $100,000 in scholarship support from OCCF as they begin their college career. These scholarships are made possible by the generosity and foresight of forty-two area individuals, families and organizations who have established scholarship funds through the Foundation. Scholarships make up a large portion of the Foundation’s giving each year and the number of scholarship funds has continued to grow since our first scholarship fund was established in 1999 by John Blatt.

OCCF Awards Scholarships
SCHOLARSHIPS: Mary Coffee presents the James W. Longe Scholarship to seniors Kyle Fitzpatrick, Lauren Shaw, Lauren Steyer and Emma Eickert, at the Port Clinton High School awards program in May.

The James W. Longe Scholarship, established in 2004 by James Robert Longe, provides renewable post-secondary scholarships for graduates of Port Clinton High School. This year, Emma Eickert, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Lauren Shaw, Lauren Steyer each received a $3,000 scholarship from the Longe Scholarhip Fund. Also, because this scholarship is renewable throughout the student’s undergraduate college career, past graduates Hannah Roberts, Joseph Brenner, Ellis Adolph, Katelynn Koebel, Alyssa Araguz, and Allison Gilliland, will receive the scholarship in the fall as they continue their college education.

A new scholarship fund may be established through the Foundation by any interested individual, family, organization or business. The donor selects a name for the fund and also determines the guidelines for the scholarship. Guidelines define who is eligible to receive the scholarship. Some common considerations include the level of education, students who are graduates of a particular high school, students planning to attend a specific school/college, students in a particular field of study, or students from a certain geographical area. To learn more about starting a scholarship fund that expresses your specific interests, in perpetuity, visit our website:

The Ottawa County Community Foundation is a public charitable organization created in 1999 by the citizens of our community to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Ottawa County area.