On The Move

Norwalk native secures job as public information officer after graduation


Bowling Green State University

HURON – Melanie Myers is well on her way to a rewarding career, following her December graduation from Bowling Green State University.

The communication major chose BGSU Firelands for her education because of its proximity to her hometown of Norwalk, its affordability and because she was able to finish classes and work at the same time.

She chose the communication program because of its versatility. This 3-and-1 program allows students to attend classes at BGSU Firelands for the first three years and complete their last year in classes on the Bowling Green campus. Through the program, Myers was able to learn how to critically think and apply her skills to a variety of different scenarios in daily life.

Attending school close to home allowed Myers to continue to focus on working and gaining experience in the communications field. She was also able to make lasting connections with BGSU Firelands faculty Drs. Raymond Schuck and Sue Ellen McComas.

“Both instructors have provided their own unique way of teaching, and they are always quick to offer their intelligence and friendship in their classroom, which continuously provided me the support and environment needed to feel comfortable and be confident with my work,” Myers said. “Without them as my instructors and advisors, the program could have been completely different.”

BGSU Firelands taught Myers the essential skills to be successful in the workplace. She excelled in multiple jobs on campus and internships in the community. Myers worked as a switchboard operator at the welcome desk, a lab operator in the computer lab and tutored students in the writing lab. These experiences led her to interning with Mercy Health and the Firelands Symphony Orchestra as a marketing and social media intern.

In October, Myers also had the opportunity to present at the Midwest Popular Culture Association and Midwest American Culture Association annual conference in Cincinnati. Her presentation was titled “A Wonderful Moment of Communion and Celebration: Organizational Rhetoric in FIFA’s Invitation of the Rescued Thailand Boys Soccer Players to the 2018 World Cup Final.”

Recently, Myers was hired by Huron County Public Health as the public information officer. She works on creating marketing and communications materials for the department. She credits BGSU Firelands for helping her “go far” in the communications field and creating lifelong friendships.

After graduation, Myers plans to continue writing and working on her current research, which she is co-writing with BGSU Firelands faculty and classmates.

“My time at BGSU Firelands lead me to so many great opportunities and friends that I was not expecting to gain,” she said.