Seneca County

Make a scarecrow for Fall In Love With Seneca County

The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Services hosted Be in the Know on Thursday, Sept. 25. Keith Latore, CEO of SLN Connect, gave a presentation on how to Jumpstart Your Social Media Engagement in a Flash. William “Harvey” Gibson was there to invite everyone to Fall In Love With Seneca County and have some Scarecrow Fun in October.


The Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce and the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Services are asking for businesses and residents to consider making a Scarecrow to join in our autumn festivities. The Scarecrows are invited to spend the month of October in Seneca County. We are looking for cute, funny and loveable Scarecrows. You can tailor their look to what your business does. You may want to move your Scarecrow move around your store – kind of like Elf on a shelf does. Once you have completed your Scarecrow and know their personality, give them a name and take a picture to post on our Fall In Love With Seneca County Facebook page. All residents are invited to join in the fun; encourage your neighbors to create one. Maybe have a block party and help each other make them. When you post the pictures, include your address or street, so others can come and see your creations.

Businesses and organizations are also invited to participate in the Fall in Love with Seneca County’s Open Houses Saturday, Oct. 12. This event is open to Seneca County businesses and some that border Seneca County.  There is always an option to start early Friday or end on Sunday. Businesses are encouraged to host activities or demonstrations. This event is a wonderful opportunity to advertise and introduce your business to new people.

If you are a business/organization interested in participating, visit for further details. For information or ideas, contact Deb Martorana at 419-447-4141.