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Lindsay officially joins Terra State executive team


Terra State Community College

FREMONT – Fremont native Dr. Kristen Lindsay has accepted the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services position at Terra State Community College. Lindsay has served as Interim VP of Student and Enrollment Services since September 2018.

Terra State President Dr. Ronald Schumacher believes Lindsay possesses the drive and skills needed to continue moving the College in a positive direction.

“I think Kristen is hard working, she cares about the College and its success and she cares about the people in her department. So, I think Kristen is a great fit for the College,” he said.

Director of Human Resources Jeremy McLaney also thinks Lindsay will excel in this position.

“Kristen has a lot of skillsets,” he said. “Specifically through her work, the College successfully increased enrollment for two consecutive semesters with a potential for a third this summer of 2019, which has not been accomplished in years. I think her capabilities are exactly what we need in this organization.”

Lindsay is excited to move forward in her official role.

“I’m thrilled that it is official. The division can move forward with the positive momentum that we’ve established over the last year,” she said.

She thinks keeping her in this position will provide the College with more stability. “We’re a division that lives in uncertainty. So, wherever we can find some consistency is good.”

Lindsay has been with the College since February of 2016. She started as the Director of Advising and Student Success in conjunction with the Title III Grant before working her way up to VP.

Her history with the College is not the only advantage she has. Her first job out of college was as an Admissions Counselor in 1996 and she’s been in higher education ever since, working in a variety of roles at Heidelberg University, University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University (BGSU). “I feel like I’ve come back home being at Terra,” she said.

President Schumacher is pleased to have someone with Lindsay’s background and success in this position.

“Whenever you bring somebody new in there’s always the challenge of having them not knowing the culture and not knowing the individuals,” he said. “Kristen knows all of that. Her history is a benefit and, I think, her results over the last eight to nine months speak for themselves. She has done a remarkable job with limited resources.”

Lindsay really enjoys working in higher education. She keeps kudos from students in her office to help her and her staff always remember the positive impact they have on students. One specific note she kept reading, “I’m thankful for the staff at Terra. Thanks for making this 35-year-old excited to go to school.”

This note spoke to Lindsay. “That’s why I come to work every day,” she said. “In some small way, I am helping or facilitating a student to achieve their dream.”

Moving forward, Lindsay has three specific goals.

First and foremost, she was to continue increasing student enrollment.

“We’ve had some wins over the past year,” she said. “In the fall, we increased FTE’s. In the spring, we increased numbers and FTE’s.”

She also wants to continue encouraging her division and providing them with professional development opportunities. “I want to continue what we’ve started this past year in terms of training and team development,” she said. “We’re doing project days every six weeks where we take an afternoon to learn about a new topic, read an article that was recently published about community colleges or tackle a student resource issue.” She wants everyone to know, “we may not be changing the world, but we may be changing the world for that one person. We definitely need to celebrate that.”

Additionally, Lindsay wants to spread the word about the benefits Terra State offers. “Terra is a gem,” she said. “But there are still people in our community who don’t realize all of the wonderful opportunities that we offer here at this seemingly tiny little place. We’re a small college with a big heart and big opportunities. I want to share that message with as many people as possible.”

Lindsay carries with her a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan, a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from BGSU and a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration from BGSU.

In addition to Lindsay’s professional experience and education, she also has written multiple publications and has been active in the community. Currently, she serves with Two Year First Year, the Ohio Academic Advisors Association, The Philalethean Society, Ohio College Personnel Association (OCPA), the National Association of Academic Advising (NACADA), College Student Educators International (ACPA) and Grace Lutheran Church. The service role that is currently in full swing for Lindsay is her role as National Secretary for The Kappa Phi Club, a national service sisterhood.

A piece of advice Lindsay wants students to hear is: “No matter what obstacle you encounter, no matter what your question, give us a call. We will walk you through it. We are here to help you pursue and achieve your academic journey.”