Human Capital

Good news: Gen Z is coming!


For those of us who’ve weathered the storm known as “hiring Millennials,” there’s good news! The Gen Zs are coming! Generation Z is comprised of young adults, around 20 and younger, most who are just graduating from or still in high school. So far, the research is giving us HR people hope for a huge shift in what we were afraid was becoming the norm. Here are five highlights:

Generation Z is “ultra-competitive” and prepared to fight for the great jobs. Unlike the Millennials who were often referred to as “entitled,” Gen Zs are grateful for jobs and prepared to work HARD to keep them.

Gen Zs are financially conservative and interested in saving for the future.

Authenticity and transparency are two of their most valued ideals.

Based on survey results, the Gen Zs No. 1 priority after high school is getting a good job, unlike Millennials, who list friends and free time as top priorities.

They are the most optimistic and “nicest” generation in your workplace. They tend to be more tolerant of differences and will embrace inclusivity initiatives.

And if you’re doing the “hiring math,” you’ll be happy to hear Gen Zs out-number Millennials by almost 1 million.

If you’re interested in more information on Generation Z, or training on Generational Diversity in your workplace, contact Michelle Ish at The HR Department.

Michelle Ish owns The HR Department in Oak Harbor and serves as human resources director for the Ottawa County Commissioners. Her professional resume includes 15+ years of progressive human resources management experience in public, private and nonprofit industries and has served on the boards of the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce, the Ottawa County Safety Council and Our Lady of Lourdes/St. Boniface Parishes. She is also currently a Councilwoman for the Village of Oak Harbor. Contact Ish at or 419-261-4746.