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Fisher-Titus expands breastfeeding program



The lactation team at the Fisher-Titus Birthing Center is expanding to provide even more resources to mothers in the community who wish to breastfeed their babies.

The Birthing Center’s current team of five Certified Breastfeeding Counselors (CBC) are Registered Nurses Shawna Hansen, Heather Takacs, Sarah Hance, Angela Major, and Suzanne Trout, according to Megan Smith, manager-obstetrics at the Fisher-Titus Birthing Center.

To augment the team, three additional registered nurses, Tanna Kinney, Tanna Goebbel, and Jenna Hughes will be attending Certified Lactation Counselor Certification classes in October through the Healthy Children Project Center for Breastfeeding

The CLC designation is the premier National Certification in Lactation Management in the US. Certification means that a person has received training and competency verification in breastfeeding and human lactation support, including assessing the latching and feeding process, providing corrective interventions, counseling mothers, understanding and applying knowledge of milk production including in special circumstances and other commonly encountered situations.

Lactation Team 1
Lactation 1: Shawna Hansen, RN, Tanna Goebbel, RN, Angela Major, RN, CBC, Suzanne Trout, RN, CBC & Sarah Hance, RN, CBC

“We have an amazing team of counselors,” said Smith. “They are dedicated to promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, and work hard to assist those moms who choose to breastfeed their babies.”

In addition to the team of certified counselors, Fisher-Titus also has an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Jamie McNeely, available.  Birthing Center staff member Carrie Daughtery, RN, also is studying to achieve the IBCLC Certification. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant  is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.

“We offer one-on-one lactation services for both prenatal and postnatal mothers,” said Smith.  “Our Baby Boot Camp program includes a prenatal appointment that covers what to expect in labor and assists in preparing for baby care, and breastfeeding. We also offer Childbirth Education Express the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon.”

For ongoing support, a Lactation Support Group meets the first Tuesday of every month at 11 a.m. in the Fisher-Titus Birthing Center.

Earlier this year, The Fisher-Titus Birthing Center earned recognition from Ohio’s First Steps for Healthy Babies and was awarded Maternity Care Best Practice Award 2018 for their efforts to encourage and support breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation Team 2
Lactation 2: Carrie Daugherty, RN training for IBCLC, Angela Major RN, CBC, and Tanya Kinney, RN, training for CLC

The Maternity Care Best Practice Award from the Ohio Breastfeeding Alliance and the Ohio Lactation Consultant Association recognizes hospitals for being “bag free,” Smith explained.  “This means that the hospital does not give out free infant formula samples or formula company-branded diaper bags and goods, but will still provide formula for mothers who wish to formula feed or mothers who are struggling to breastfeed.