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Feds give Ohio $103M in transportation funds

Submitted by the office of U.S. SEN. SHERROD BROWN

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced that the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill that the U.S Senate recently passed will provide significant federal investment in Ohio’s transportation infrastructure. The bill includes nearly $94 million for road and bridge improvements, $9.3 million for Ohio’s public transportation agencies and $1 billion for the TIGER program, which has funded innovative transportation projects in communities around Ohio.

“Investments in our roads and bridges will help us improve Ohio’s highways, bolster our transit systems, and help finance major projects to create jobs, improve safety, and drive Ohio’s economic growth,” said Brown.

The spending bill that the Senate passed includes funding for important Ohio transportation priorities, including:

· $81.5 million to fund additional Ohio road and bridge projects through Federal Highway Administration formula programs, $8.8 million for bridge repairs in rural areas, and $3.4 million for safety improvements at railway crossings. This money supplements the approximately $1.45 billion of federal highway funding Ohio will receive this year under the FAST Act, the current long-term surface transportation authorizing law.

· $9.3 million to fund Ohio’s public transit system, through the Federal Transit Administration’s “State of Good Repair” and “Buses and Bus Facilities” formula programs. This money supplements the approximately $190 million in transit funding Ohio will receive this year under the FAST Act.

· $1 billion for the TIGER grant program. Last year, Brown unveiled a new infrastructure proposal that would expand the TIGER Grant Program. Brown has worked to secure TIGER grants for Ohio communities for years.