Check the health of your business


We go to the doctor for a physical when we feel just fine. Why? The reason is to make sure we find/discover any potential problem before it becomes serious. It is sort of like that with a sales process assessment. If your company’s sales are very good, congratulations. Could they be even better?

If they are not so good, this requires an appointment, like going to the doctor for a prescription to fix the sinus infection. I have done many Sales Process Assessments over the years. It is amazing to me the difference between what management perceives is the sales process vs. reality. So what is a sales process assessment? How does it work?

A sales process assessment is having an outside, objective viewpoint evaluating your sales process. Have you ever had an objective viewpoint look at your sales process?

If business is good, could it be better? If business is not so good, what tactical moves should you be doing to make it better? The time to evaluate is not when things are in the ditch.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • All personnel involved in the sales process are interviewed. Each interview takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Before the interviews take place, financial data is requested for review. During the interview process, additional data may be identified for review.
  • The information from the interviews as well as the financial data provided is reviewed and analyzed.
  • A documented report is created and is sent to the management team of the business prior to meeting with them face to face. This report has multiple recommendations that should be considered for implementation by the client.
  • A sit-down, face-to-face meeting occurs with the management team of the company. The objective here is to communicate not only what these recommendations entail, but to explain why they were made in the first place. The customer is encouraged to read, highlight and make notes on the report prior to this meeting to insure that the meeting is very productive. I also encourage a healthy discussion here to make sure all understand the recommendations and how to implement.

If the client has the personnel and discipline to implement these recommendations, B2B Sales Boost is only a phone call away if assistance is needed. If the client does not feel they have the personnel or discipline to implement these recommendations ongoing support is available.

When you go for a physical and all is well you feel pretty good. You feel relieved if you go for a physical and an issue is identified that can be remedied easily. How would you feel if you did NOT go for a physical and later you were diagnosed with a serious illness that could have been prevented?

Your Business is very important to you and your family. Sales drives the business.  Shouldn’t  you want to insure that your business has ongoing health? I suggest you consider having a Sales Process Assessment performed on your business. You are going to feel much better!!

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