Huron County

A fresh start with fresh ideas


Huron County Chamber of Commerce

2018 marked a new era for the Huron County Chamber of Commerce. The organization immediately began the process of revamping itself with new staffing, rebranding and a remodel of our 10 W. Main St. location. Serving the business community has always been the Chambers number one priority however; we first must focus on the viability and visibility of the organization. In the modern age we must double-down on our marketing and consider the importance of promoting the Chamber on social-media while maintaining the marketing of years past.

One of the pillars of our new Chamber model is Chamber University, a program dedicated to continuing business education through live presentations and video podcast interviews. We want our long-time members to have the familiarity of Chamber events like our Business After-Hours and Golf Outing while providing new and exciting programs that can have a lasting effect on our members and their businesses.

The Chamber is facing unique challenges in the new millennium. In the past, Chambers would place member businesses in print directories and websites and hold networking events which brought awareness to these businesses that was difficult for them to manifest on their own, especially at that time. In the 21st century we see less people relying on printed directories, relying instead on internet search engines, websites and social media. Our challenge is to find new and meaningful ways to promote our members and provide outlets for them to connect to demographics of all ages.

2019 is shaping up to be one of the best years for the Huron County Chamber of Commerce. Through partnering with other local organizations, we will be able to hold more special events for both Chamber members and the general public. Our Chamber University series will kick-off 2019 with a social-media and internet marketing series that we believe is hugely beneficial to our members. November marks the beginning of our membership campaign so if you’re interested in being a part of a growing business network please contact the Chamber today. More membership information is available upon request or by visiting


Kelly Lippus is executive director of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce, 419-668-4155,