Erie County

A Brief History of the Erie County Chamber of Commerce…


Erie County Chamber of Commerce

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce traces its roots to the incorporation of the Sandusky Chamber of Commerce on June 29, 1899.  It’s stated purpose was for “effecting an organization to be composed of the merchants, businessmen and others interested in the welfare, progress and growth of the City of Sandusky,” and “for securing the location of manufacturing plants and business enterprises within the city or on lands adjacent thereto.”

In 1915, the corporation’s name was changed to “The Sandusky Federated Commercial Club”, and its purpose became “to promote the best interest and welfare of the City of Sandusky … and the territory contiguous thereto, and to hold and acquire all property real, personal and mixed, which may be necessary for the successful accomplishment of the corporate objects” (sic).

Four years later, the name was returned to the original “Sandusky Chamber of Commerce”, which was maintained until May of 1962.  At that time, the name was expanded to “Sandusky Area Chamber of Commerce”.  Then, on July 8, 1987, the name was again changed to its current “Erie County Chamber of Commerce”. In 2015 the Erie County Chamber of Commerce completely renovated the old Groff Funeral Home in downtown Sandusky. Today, the Chamber offices are located at 604 W Washington Street.

While the specific purposes of the organization have changed over the years, the basic purpose of promoting the welfare, progress and growth of the community remains.  Today’s Erie County Chamber of Commerce places a strong emphasis on the provision of services, promotion of its members, and advocacy on behalf of local business.


Our Vision

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce is a vital organization that represents the diverse interests of our small business members, mid-level members, and corporate members who are from many different business sectors and locations. The Chamber speaks as a collective voice on issues that impact business, the economy, and the community at large. Our goal is to represent the entire business community as effectively as possible so that not only businesses thrive, but the region as a whole thrives, and we may continue to experience improvements in our overall quality of life.

Through collaboration, education, legislative forums, informational meetings, networking and advertising opportunities, we provide our members with the information and resources they need to succeed in today’s economy.


Mission Statement

To support the success of our members and leaders in economic development in collaboration with the communities we serve.


To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Provide our membership with the right tools, environment, and leadership to achieve and maintain future success.
  • Clearly define and communicate to our members the value and benefit of membership.
  • Be inclusive and meaningful to all of our members.
  • Enhance opportunities to attract new businesses.
  • Continually plan and evolve to meet our mission.
  • Attract new members and sustain growth.


Strategies & Initiatives

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce leads with a strong voice for business, assists with other community organizations to expand the local and regional talent base. It serves as an advocate for issues important to your business as well as being a supporting part for community infrastructure, future expansion and other priorities.


Expanding the Talent and Keeping Them

In this day and age, jobs follow talent. We must be committed to attracting new residents to fill available jobs, increasing the number of college degrees earned in our area and finding new ways to connect employers with skilled workers. The Chamber develops programs and services based on member feedback through a variety of channels. As we look at the next generation of employees it is more likely to first select where they want to live and second where to find a job. Developing an attractive cohesive brand that demonstrates the solidity of Erie County will set us apart not just locally or regionally but throughout the world.


A Vibrant Sandusky and Erie County

Sandusky is a place with many unique offerings and a place where anyone can make a difference. Your Chamber is constantly spreading the word to our local community as well as other areas on the map.