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Picture: Members of the Fisher-Titus Home Health Center tearm are: Andrea Oney, LPN, front left; Dawn Pheifer,HCS-D ; Ann Berry, RN; Sharon Grodi, STNA, middle row, left; Stephanie Schmitz, RN; Rhonda Jaworski, BSN, RN, COS-C; Becky Hill, RN; Becky Spettle, BSN, RN; Veronica Wilhelm BSN, RN, COS-C, OMS; Shannon Ball, OT; Missie Jackson-Kuhlman, RN; Pam Ley, back left; Holly Barker, PT; Karen Wynn, PT; Rosemary Bordman, PTA; Veronica Ott, PTA; Debbi Cullen, BBA, RHIT, Director; Kyle Dunlap, BSN, RN Clinical Manager. Not pictured: Whitney Braden, BSN, RN; Alison Lykins, BSN, RN; Ashley Trimner, RN; Debbie Workley, RN; Laura Krause, PT; Scott Whitehurst, PT; Stephanie Lewis, PTA; Faith McCoy, PTA; Kim Corbin, COTA; Chris England, COTA; Emily Lewis, SLP; Linnea Lodermeier, SLP; Amanda Stein, MSW; and Justine Byington, HCS-D, Sheri Lantz, PTA.

Fisher-Titus Home Health named as a top agency


Fisher-Titus Medical Center

The Fisher-Titus Home Health Center has been named a Top Agency of the 2018 HomeCare Elite, a recognition of the top-performing home health agencies in the U.S. This marks the sixth time Fisher-Titus Home Health has been recognized as a Top Agency in addition to being named a Top 500 Agency in 2006.

For 13 years, HomeCare Elite has annually identified the top 25 percent of Medicare-certified agencies and highlighted the top 100 and top 500 agencies overall. The ranking is developed by ABILITY Network, a leading information technology company helping providers and payers simplify the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare. It is sponsored by DecisionHealth, publisher of Home Health Line and the Complete Home Health ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual.

“I would like to congratulate the team at the Fisher-Titus Home Health Center and thank them for their commitment to providing consistently high-quality care,” said Christine Lang, senior director for ABILITY Network. “During a time of increasing demands on home health professionals’ time and attention, these caregivers and leaders have demonstrated that they have prioritized their patients and created a solid foundation for serving their communities and partnering with other healthcare providers.”

Debbi Cullen, director of Fisher-Titus Home Health, credits teamwork and collaboration for the agency’s ability to achieve recognition as one of the HomeCare Elite.

“The Fisher-Titus Home Health team is dedicated to providing outstanding care to patients in managing their health situations,” said Cullen. “They have demonstrated that working together to provide quality care has helped Fisher-Titus once again be named to the HomeCare Elite.”

HomeCare Elite agencies are determined by an analysis across an array of performance measures in quality outcomes, best practices implementation, patient experience, quality improvement and consistency, and financial health. To be considered, an agency must be Medicare-certified and have data for at least three outcome measures in Home Health Compare – a program created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to provide the public with information about the quality of care provided by Medicare-certified home health agencies. This year, 8,898 home health agencies were considered, resulting in Elite recognition for 2,223.

“Congratulations to Fisher-Titus Home Health from all of the staff at DecisionHealth,” said Marci Geipe, product manager for Decision Health. “Your leadership and staff have placed a premium on the patient care your agency provides as showcased by your quality outcome scores. The entire community benefits from the compassion that your staff shows toward your patients, leading to cost savings for the entire health care system.”

Deb Reed is director of public relations and communications for Fisher-Titus Medical Center, 272 Benedict Ave., Norwalk,