10 Marketing Commandments

By Roger Bostdorff

Below are the 10 Marketing Commandments. These are commandments that should be followed for all businesses. I did not create these but I suggest to my clients that they are, at a minimum reviewed, before any are violated. Many organizations confuse selling with marketing. Marketing is positioning your brand or reputation in the marketplace; while selling is actually the exchange of revenues between two businesses for products or services.

Marketing Commandments
Marketing is defined as getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you…in that order. You can’t circumvent the process.

I. There is no “mystery” in marketing. The more people you communicate with in an appealing way, the more business you’ll generate.

II. Unless you operate a monopoly, it generally takes 6 to 9 contacts with a prospect before they’re ready to buy.

III. Marketing never “ends” until you sell or close the business. Effective marketing is like continuously building a house. Planning is the foundation and marketing activities are the bricks. Marketing contacts are never wasted…they’re small investments in a foundation that will eventually lead to business.

IV. The most important aspect of effective marketing by far is follow-through. If you’re doing something, then half of the battle is won.

V. You should be investing at least 5% of your ongoing revenues back into the business through marketing. It takes money to make money.

VI. If the business you’re generating is only as good as your last advertising dollar, then you’re not branding (differentiating) yourself. Effective branding is essential to taking your business to the next level.

VII. Marketing today is an integral part of a small business. If you’re not devoting time and/or resources to it continually, then you’re at the mercy of the cycles and pitfalls of the marketplace.

VIII. Due to its creative and reflective nature, marketing can and should be fun.

IX. Marketing is not sales. Sales can have more immediate results. Marketing generally has a longer return on investment but because you’re communicating with the masses, has a much broader impact.

Which ones are you doing?

Roger Bostdorff is the President of B2B Sales Boost. He spent over 30 years with IBM in sales and sales management. He then became President/COO of a small internet security company before founding B2B Sales Boost, LLC. B2B Sales Boost, LLC is a consulting company helping organizations improve their sales and overall business processes. B2B Sales Boost has helped their clients with recruiting as well. Roger is also available for public speaking engagements. You can find more about B2B Sales Boost on the web at or calling 419-351-4347. If you would like to receive the B2B Sales Boost Newsletter please send an email to